There are plenty of reasons why people choose to spend a vast majority of their time on social media. It is proven that even though we might not scroll down through our social media feeds all day, it is likely that we are constantly connected to the platforms we use and are easily engaged once we receive a notification or message. Social media sites are a unique marketing tool as they please your audience’s visual senses and allow them to put together a list of people and brands they want to stay connected to. They are useful in helping users stay in touch with their friends and family and remain on top of current events of any field they are interested in. If you are a brand looking to grow your visibility, a basic understanding of social media is an absolute must. The world is seeming smaller and smaller each day, thanks to the invention of Internet and globalization. We’ve come to the point in history where you can sell your product or service to a consumer thousands of miles away with ease. The only trick of the game is how to get your product or service enough visibility.

Let’s be clear here on what a ‘brand’ stands for. A brand, or branding, is the process of creating emotional assets linked to an idea – be it a business, product, a service or even a person. It is no secret that you can create a brand out of an otherwise anonymous human being – this is how it came to be that influencers today play such an important role in the world of social media.

Once you are set on what your brand is, you should think of the best way to showcase its attributes. Here is where graphic design plays an important role. People tend to stay away from hiring someone to help them in formulating their business branding due to high costs or the belief that they can do all the work themselves. Nowadays, with high competition across social media, a pretty picture is a good place to start, however, not knowing how to work with technology to take your content to the next level will leave your brand seeming uninteresting, instead of the leader in your niche. Hiring help such as a social media marketing expert and a graphic designer will get your social media on the right track to being your best marketing asset, while saving you time. For now, here are a few reasons to think about consulting a graphic designer during the creation of your brand.


Graphic design helps create a firm visual identity.

When introducing your brand to your chosen graphic designer, you will need to help him or her create a firm plan for your brand’s perfect visual identity. Tell them any ideas you have or ways that you visualize your brand and a quality graphic designer will know exactly what type of photographs, colors, shapes, artwork, fonts and typography to use to make your brand visible to your target audience. For example, selling children’s clothes versus advertising a yoga studio would require two completely different types of aesthetics. Plus, your graphic designer will advise you on the type of content to use depending on the needs of your brand. All of this will come in handy when differentiating yourself from other brands, which is a must in the world of marketing. Creating a firm visual identity will help both your potential and return customers by giving them a recognizable brand to remember.


Professional graphic design helps you stay on top of the trends.

Just as every year brings with it a new variety of trends, so do the different styles of graphic design. Flat-lay pictures were a popular photographic style of the past few years and every brand experimented with it, as well as gifs or visually appealing animations, however trends have changed. Platforms like Instagram come up with new updates faster and faster and sometimes it might feel overwhelming to stay on top of them all. With a graphic designer by your side, you won’t have to worry about researching and inventing new ways to entice your audience, as he or she will most likely have a few new, out-of-the box ideas up their sleeves.


A good graphic designer will make sure all your content is consistent.

When developing your branding strategy, you should have decided on the right social media platforms to help promote your brand in the best possible light. Your graphic designer will help you stay consistent across all those platforms, without appearing repetitive. This is why you need the first step to be done accurately (creating a firm visual identity), as it will help you stay recognizable, and then show you exactly where you have the freedom to start playing with your brand. Let’s say you’re selling active-wear and there is a marathon coming up in your city. Advertising your brand as the perfect choice for runners of the event would have to be done differently on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other channels your brand uses. Keeping your graphic design in line with your brand yet changing the keywords in the content to focus on the particular running event would resonate with your target audience who are involved.

All in all, an experienced graphic designer will give you the confidence to make the right choices when it comes to the content you use to promote your brand on social media.