Are the website design costs a one time fee?
Yes, web design customers only pay the charge one time.
Does Magnolia Media guarantee their work?
Of course! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We either create a site that you are pleased with or we will give you your money back.
Once I have paid for my website, is it mine?
Yes, once you have paid in full for your website, it is yours completely. If you would like a copy of your site, just ask us and we will supply you with a backup of your website.
Can Magnolia Media send references to contact?
Yes! Just call or email us, and we will give you references to contact concerning our work.
Can Magnolia Media design brochures, business cards and other marketing materials?
Yes we can. Magnolia Media can create literature for your company that is consistent with the design of your website.
Can I purchase a domain name through Magnolia Media?
Absolutely. Just call or email for our current pricing and a few domain names that you prefer so we can choose from them, as some names may be already registered.
Can I transfer my website and email hosting to Magnolia Media?
Absolutely! We have a fast and efficient process for transferring your website.
Can I use my existing website address if I host with you?
Yes, we can easily help you to retain your old domain name with out hosting, or we can register a new one if you’d like.
I am not in the Mobile area; how can I work with you?

Yes, web design customers only pay the charge one time.

There is no problem with you being long distance. We have worked internationally before. There are several of our customers that we have never met with before. Everything can be communicated on the phone or email if necessary. We will place the design on the web as we work on it, where you can view it from a link. You won’t need to meet us to express your ideas; we should be able to understand what you need very easily.

Can you help me get listed on search engines?
Definitely! We feel very strongly about search engine optimization (SEO). We want our customers to see results from their websites, and this is a key element. Even if you aren’t a website design customer, we still offer a SEO package that will help you see results with your monthly statistics.
I own a small home business. Does Magnolia Media work with individuals like me?
Yes, we work with companies of all sizes – corporations, professionals, small home businesses, small businesses, startups and even individuals.