Magnolia Media is enforcing the following Payment Policies effective January 7, 2008. Please review these policies now in order to avoid possible suspension or loss of service.  These policies supersede any and all former policies in regard to fee payments.

Prior to beginning web design work at Magnolia Media, 50% payment of your estimated total is paid as a deposit. We currently accept payments by check or cash only. The final payment is due immediately upon completion of the building of the site and is not contingent upon providing Magnolia Media with content such as text and photos or e-commerce information.  Payment must also be received before the completed website can be published or be available for updates. Payment is always due upon receipt, see late payment information below.

The entire website, including graphics, files and scripts remain the property of Magnolia Media, LLC until all outstanding accounts are paid in full.

Magnolia Media reserves the right to charge accordingly for any additions to the design decided upon by the client after work has started and the price is agreed. Any additions to the design which Magnolia Media sees necessary while developing a website will not be charged for.

Late Payment:
Late payment will result in late fees, which will be added to the total cost of the project or monthly work performed.

Late fees are as follows:
Magnolia Media must receive payment within 10 days of client’s receipt of a dated invoice. If payment is not received within those 10 days, a late fee of 1.25% of the invoiced amount plus $3.00 per day thereafter will be added to the account balance.

If payment (including late fees) is not made in full within 30 days, the account will be suspended. Suspension does not relieve client’s obligation for payment. Late or non-payment of these charges will allow Magnolia Media to remove or replace any updated or changed web pages or files from your website at our discretion.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the design or development of his or her website, Magnolia Media will work with the customer to attempt anything possible to satisfy the ideas for their website. If we attempt multiple times and are unable to provide what the customer needs, then we will refund the amount that the customer has invested into the website up to that point.

However, if we proceed to a stage in the process where the design has been approved by the customer, there will be no refunds for that portion of the website design. Also, if we proceed through the development and the site is approved to be loaded to the customer’s domain, there will be no refunds at any time for the work provided.

100% of setup costs, and the first period of hosting is due prior to beginning work. See “Payment Policy for Hosting” below for additional information regarding future e-business card hosting payments.

100% payment of your estimated total is due prior to commencement. We accept payment by check and cash at this time. Because your logo or other design can be used if the watermarks are removed once viewed, in the event it was viewed live (via web pages), payment must be made prior to construction of your unique logo or other design.


Invoice Date:
Magnolia Media, LLC will issue invoices the second week of the month for hosting/maintenance of the following 6 or 12 month period. Example: We will send invoices for January through June hosting/maintenance fees on or before December 15th.

Due Date:
Hosting/Maintenance fees are due by the 1st day of the month, for the respective period of service. Example: January through June hosting/maintenance fees are due January 1st.

Late Payments:
Payments received after the 1st of the month will receive a late fee of $3.00 per day thereafter that the payment is not received. If payment is not received before the 10th of the month, hosting/maintenance will be suspended.

Customers who have not paid for hosting/maintenance by the first of the month will receive a reminder that the account is past due and a late fee has been added to the account. Payment of hosting/maintenance fees plus the late fee must be paid before the 10th of the month or the account will be suspended.

Reactivation of suspended service:
Customers whose website has been suspended due to non-payment of hosting fees will be required to pay all outstanding fees as well as a $30.00 reactivation charge.  Sites will be reactivated within 24-48 hours of payment.

Invoices are sent out 10-15 days before the due date of the bill via email attachment. Invoices are formatted in Microsoft Word and sent to the on-file email address. It is the client’s responsibility to provide updated information and enable attachments. If mailed invoices are your preference, arrangements must be made in advance.

Termination of service:
Customers who choose to discontinue service with Magnolia Media, LLC must contact us by postal mail and request that hosting service or monthly maintenance be discontinued. This request must be made 30 days in advance.

Magnolia Media, LLC reserves the right to refuse to transfer a website that has an unpaid past due balance to another server until the balance is paid.

Non-payment for any work performed will result in termination of contract, website files will not be uploaded and any payments made at start of work or during work will not be returned. If for any reason site files have been uploaded to the server, they will be removed.

If your account is suspended for non-payment:

When all outstanding invoices are paid, your account will be unlocked. A $30.00 charge will be added to your account for reactivation.

Bad Check Fee:
Any customer whose check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will be charged a $35.00 returned check fee.

Checks are made out to:

Magnolia Media, LLC

Checks are mailed to:

Magnolia Media, LLC
P.O. Box 850571
Mobile, Al 36685

We reserve the right to make changes to our Payment Policies without notice. Please check back from time to time to ensure you are aware of any updates or changes in this policy.