Jade Art Group

Jade Art Group is truly unique, we reward trust with a determination and work ethic that borders on the fanatical. We reward trust with results. We explore new ways of thinking, we are not tied to any one perspective, category of business or thought process. Our goal is the relentless pursuit of honoring God and positively impacting the lives of people we are lead to serve.

Our business model is based on several revenue streams. Having food manufacturing, financial, marketing, technology, energy and engineering expertise in place, our success will be propelled with acquisitions, organic growth and provide sustainable growth thereafter.

Our team and facilities anchor our unique value proposition, and our foundation is based on a simple business plan. Our goal is to build market strength on actual sales volume and expand based on market demands with a focus on markets that are prime for growing the brand.



  • Custom Website Design (5+ Pages)
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Sign Up Form
  • SSL
  • Continuous Website Security
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Backups