Magnolia Media Wins UpCity 2024 Excellence Award

gnolia Media is proud to announce its listing among top Creative & Design Services from  UpCity, part of Gartner Digital Markets.

UpCity is a resource that helps businesses find service providers with objective, independent research and reviews. Every year, UpCity evaluates over 50,000 service providers by their review quality and quantity and selects the providers in the top 2% of United States for the UpCity National Excellence Awards.

Magnolia Media have always strived to achieve higher customer satisfaction, which is why Magnolia Media has been a top-rated product on UpCity’s Creative & Design Services category, with an overall rating of 5 out of 5.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us.


“We love working with Skip at Magnolia Media. He developed a great website that we are proud of. It has greatly improved our sales by reaching new customers.”

–  Shane Havard

“I have known and worked John Covan and Magnolia Media for many years. They have always provided excellent work and have taken our online presence to the next level through their web design and SEO work. I highly recommend their services to anyone!”

 Brad Sullivan

We would like to sincerely thank all our users for loving our services so much and rating us so high on UpCity.

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Our recognition in these prestigious reports is a significant achievement for us. It is a testament to our commitment to providing a high-quality service that meets the needs of businesses across a wide range of industries. It also serves as a valuable endorsement for businesses looking for effective Creative & Design Services offerings.



 About UpCity’s Independent and Objective Reviews

UpCity collects reviews from thousands of businesses who have bought services from service providers listed on We verify each reviewer and review and then collect data on each provider’s review quality and quantity. Read more about the UpCity Excellence Awards.


Web Designers Are Not Paid Comparably to The Services They Provide.

I have been designing websites since 1999 back when Front Page was being used; solve been at it for a while. Even though that was close to the beginning of people really getting more involved in online advertising, pricing, at least in the area my business is headquarted (Mobile, Alabama) is one thing that has not changed much, and especially not in proportion to what customers are receiving.

Web Designers have so much more now to contend with in regards to design, content management systems, website content, search engine optimization, web security and much more. You would think that Web Designers, Marketing Companies, and Marketing Agencies would be getting paid much more than what they are. To be fair, some things have become easier where you don’t have to code near as much. However with all of the new technologies that can be implemented and are expected to be implemented, it is very time consuming; much more time consuming than it used to be.

However, I love what I do and helping my customers to profit from online and offline marketing and that makes a big difference in my approach compared to other designers that are wanting to make as much money as they possibly can while providing services that are subpar.

That is exactly why I started my business over 15 years ago; to provide my community and business owners with websites that produce results, look amazing, increase their client base and provide a brand that is well above their competitors’.

So, although this is nothing new to me, I ran across a YouTube short with a fellow Web Designer discussing this actual topic. So I figured that it would be a good reply to this question.

By no means is this complaining or being ungrateful for the opportunities that I’ve had and continue to have.

With that said, if you’re needing to rebrand or redesign your website, need a new or redesigned logo or any other of the numerous services I offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime at 2513773073 or via email at feel free to also visit my website at