As a church, we rely on word of mouth and our location as the primary avenues by which our ministry is publicized.  People have many questions when looking for a church, and getting sufficient, accurate information to those who had interest was always a difficulty.

The website designed by Magnolia Media has now given us a great solution.

Magnolia Media wasted no time from our meeting to the launch of the site.

The design was more than I had hoped for, and I am pleased to have it represent our ministry.  The customer service is great.  In the process of the construction of the site communication between Magnolia Media and myself was more than adequate.

Professional Simplicity.  That is what I like most about the website designed by Magnolia Media. I have a saying at our church, “Excellence without Extravagance.”   I believe that the website contains much information, and yet the overall impression is simple and inviting.